Проект "Выборг в программе World Monuments Fund (Всемирный Фонд Памятников)"

2017 - The Year of Restorations
A meeting of the heads of district museums, architects and restorers was held in the Vyborg castle on November 18th. The main topic of the meeting was the Vyborg historic center restoration which is going to start in 2017 in accordance with the accepted restoration plan.
The idea of attracting public to take part in the restoration process was put forward and unanimously accepted which triggered the project “Vyborg. Restoration from the first Person”. This project was initiated by the newspaper “Vyborg” and the social movement “I love Vyborg” to inform the public which is concerned about the state of restoration works in town. The project presents a series of interviews with the heads of companies who bade for restoration contracts, architects, archeologists, restorers and people somehow involved in the restoration process.
As Inna Klimova, assistant Head of Administration, said, the project is living its own life and the mission of the Administration now is just to popularize cultural heritage sites.
Up to the present day, the planning of the restoration process of the Vyborg’s oldest stone buildings – the House of merchant guild and the dwelling house, both XVI century, located at 8 and 10 Vyborgskaya Street, has still been going on. The session of scientific-methodical council took place in the Vyborg castle to discuss perspectives of using these buildings. It was decided that the 10 Vyborgskaya St. is unsuitable for the placement of exhibitions in the classical way due to is location on the territory of the regime enterprise “Lenenergo”. Nevertheless, the 8 Vyborgskaya St. is going to be used as a venue for interactive exhibitions or educational activities. The nearby territory might also be used if the City Administration gives its permission. Moreover, the objects are being connected to the engineering network.
The final restoration plan is going to be submitted to the Regional Culture Committee and the Vyborg Castle State Museum, the user of the mentioned above buildings. Detailed documentation will be based on the preliminary design, which is already done and handed over to the user.
To draw the conclusion, from the very start of 2017 Vyborg is going to be involved in a wide scale restoration process, which is going to be presented to public by the informative “Vyborg. Restoration from the first Person” project via the newspaper “Vyborg”.

By Anastasiia Kozlova

Brighter Prospects.

Nowadays a lot of different cultural sites need restoration. The World Monument Fund website presents a large number of objects in need of restructuring among which is the Historic Center of Vyborg. Of particular concern in this area is the Clock Tower of the city of Vyborg.
The Clock Tower, which dates back to the 15-17th centuries, is the object of cultural heritage of federal importance. The former Swedish Cathedral together with its bell tower built in 1494, is the latest Swedish public work of the Middle Ages. The Clock Tower of the cathedral is the sample of medieval architecture, which is of great importance for the silhouette and the characteristics of the ancient buildings of Vyborg.
The walls, built of boulders and mortar are 1.6 meters thick. In the last third of the 17th century suffered from the fire, the tower was renovated and heightened. At the moment, this wonderful monument of culture is in need of restoration and urgent repairs. Fortunately, this architectural site has been paid attention to. At the first stage of the restoration of the Clock Tower 3.8 million rubles will be allocated. Now the scaffolded Clock Tower looks more optimistic, it is the beginning of its renovation. The Clock Tower is prepared for the winter, and subsequently the project documentation for its complete restoration and adaptation is planned to be developed.
All in all, it is a great relief for the citizens to see that action is being taken to restore the historic center of our city. It is evident that years and decades are necessary to complete the works but it is definitely worth doing.

By Elena Antonova

Combined Efforts Can Work Wonders.

Nowadays the poor condition and the rapid decay of buildings and monuments have been attracting attention of the citizens of our city. It is evident that some architectural constructions are in an awful state and need restoration. Vyborg Historic Center was included on the 2016 World Monuments Watch program with the intention to call international attention to the challenges facing this cultural heritage site. Launched every two years, the nomination-based program prepares a list of cultural heritage sites around the world that are at risk from the forces of nature or the impact of social, political, and economic change. Also, in the summer of 2016 the Finnish Committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) as well as the Russian National Committee of ICOMOS included Vyborg in the section Heritage Alert – "The heritage is in danger".
Recent recovery of Central City Alvar Aalto Library, world famous modern masterpiece in Vyborg, specifies a way to the complete liability to keep the past and to respect all constructed heritage of Vyborg. The library was included on the World Monuments Watch in 2000 and 2002, nominated by the Finnish-Russian Restoration Committee and the Friends of Alvar Aalto. WMF raised funds for a conservation project at the site in 2001 and 2002. The project received the 2014 World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize. This vivid example gives hope to the cultural heritage and to the citizens of Vyborg.
There is still much to be done. The following sites’ current state is of urgent concern: “Domus” residential building (Goving House), the Dominican Monastery church, the Papula Park, The Clock Tower, Monrepo's Park, the Vyborg Castle, the 17th century buildings at 8 and 10 Vyborgskaya Street. The list of sites in need of immediate restoration is endless.
In 2015 the Russian government allocated funds for conservation and restoration of the city. It has been mentioned in the media that the federal budget in 2017 and 2018 will direct 2,2 billion rubles to the restoration of monuments of Vyborg. We hope that our city will gain its former beauty and greatness.

By Nikita Tikhonov

WMF, Old Cathedral and the Opinions of People

This article was written as the summary to my school project. The theme of project was: "Vyborg in WMF restoration program". To begin with, WMF (World Monuments Fund) is a private organisation, which is trying to attract attention on destruction of important artistic treasures throughout the world.
In the opinion of the WMF experts, Vyborg Historic Centre needs better planning for conservation and stronger enforcement of heritage protection laws that would respect its architectural, archaeological, cultural, and artistic heritage. Unfortunately, the decision of the WMF experts will not affect the situation but this decision may be a starting point for restoration process.
There are a lot of buildings in poor conditions in the Historic Centre of Vyborg but I believe, the Old Cathedral is in the worst state.
In the centre of historical part of Vyborg, at the intersection of Krepostnaya and Podgornaya Street, there rises the stone carcass of a ruined building without any roof and with gasping window and door openings, which used to be one of the largest buildings in Finland. The history of this building leads to the beginning of the 15th century. Originally, it was a church. The denomination of the church has changed more than 4 times. The religion changed as well as the church was rebuilt. There is no common agreement regarding when the church was rebuilt in stone but researchers date this period to the first half of the 15th century. The church had a rectangular shape and a single saddleback roof. Now there are only ruins.
A few weeks earlier I had conducted a survey about the restoration of the Cathedral. The survey was held involved a group of experts and a group of ordinary citizens. However, the results were almost the same. Using this fact I can say without any doubt that town dwellers are interested in restoration and reconstruction of the Old Cathedral.
To sum up, the building should be covered with roof, restoration work should be launched immediately, and archaeological research should be continued. It seems expedient to get both domestic and foreign experts involved in all these tasks. Their collaborative work should eventually revive one of the pearls of Vyborg.

By Vitaly Kalkutin